About Us

Shopperoo.com.au was created by local people to provide a low cost platform to Australian businesses who have been or have recently pivoted to start producing products here in Australia. 

My business was among the ones which got affected and i had to do something about it to continue paying my staff and remain afloat. Came www.shopperoo.com.au to sell Australian made products and also providing a platform where other local businesses can register and showcase their Australian made products. 

Our first product off the line is Face masks because why not. We selected this product for multiple reasons: 

1.  Wearing a face mask protects you and your community by providing a barrier.

2. Our face masks are all locally made.

3. We recruited people who recently lost their jobs or lost business to create our face masks. This is one way we are helping the community. 

The pandemic has affected us all and has shown us the value of manufacturing your own products locally. Please support us so that we can others as we grow our community. 

We are now a proud supporter of Beyond Blue to help improve the lifes of three million Australians affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. 

This pandemic has sadly caused severe financial stress for some people and others struggling to cope during isolation. If you need to talk to someone, please head to https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

See our FAQ for more details