Organic Goat Milk Body Wash

Our Goat Milk Body Wash is amongst our most popular products.  We combine skin loving oils with Full Cream Fresh Australian Goats milk to make this.  We choose natural ingredients that you would find in your kitchen recipe book – that’s just how healthy this is!  No SLS or synthetic ingredients and not even any derivatives.

Ever wonder what happens to all those soap suds when they go down the drain?  Synthetic ingredients don’t break down into their natural components easily in the water system  like pure natural oils do.

Organic Goat Milk Body Wash

  • This body wash contains luxurious oils like Avocado, Almond, Hemp and Jojoba to nourish, sooth and help heal dry and damaged skin as well as aid in prevention of skin issues or dryness.   Whilst we formulated it with nourishing oils we also made it with oils dedicated to cleansing your skin without irritating it.  For the cleansing part we use oils like Coconut, Olive and Castor oil.  And to top it off we enrich it with the addition of Vitamin E oil so it it offers younger and softer looking skin while cleansing and moisturising!   While taking away the dead skin and adding a protection layer on top this wash is just what you need to cleanse your body.

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